Cosmetic Tattooing

Let's talk cosmetic tattooing also known as Microblading or Permanent Make Up. At SKT we offer a wide variety of permanent make up treatments, which are currently available from both our Burnside salon and our Kaiapoi salon.


Microblading creates a very natural eyebrow look with a tool called a microblade. A microblade is a handheld tool with little needles at the end, with microblading, we draw each hair stroke one by one to create a very real looking eyebrow. This is why getting your brows microbladed with SKT can be a life changing experience. 

Having sparse, thin, and uneven brows is a challenge that many face today. Even with the rising popularity of microblading, most people don’t know that you can have perfectly fluffy brows that look natural, but you can!

Powder/Ombré Brows

Powder brows is a much more defined eyebrow look than you will get with microblading. It looks less natural than microblading but will complement your makeup better and give you the look of perfectly shaped eyebrows all day long.


What’s the point of having gorgeous eyes if nobody sees them? Semi-permanent eyeliner is best on someone who wears makeup frequently. This will give you a perfectly placed eyeliner and you will never have to waste your time doing it again.

We also offer completely FREE consultations so you can discuss your treatment prior to committing