The Naked Truth - Spotlight on Absolute X40
July 05, 2020

The Naked Truth - Spotlight on Absolute X40

What they say:

Absolute X40 takes ultra dark to the next level for an incredibly ultra dark skin finish. X40 quad bronzing melanin activating intensifiers are combined with naturally derived tan actives to produce a darker, faster tan by activating skin cells to boost colour. The unprecedented power of blended X40 quad bronzers provides rapid unparalleled bronzing results. By choosing when to shower, create an instant tan that continues to develop into the darkest colour available, without the fake tan smell.

Friday  – 5:30pm


Exfoliated – nope no time today but had a shower in the morning though, and no old tan on the skin to exfoliate off

Deodorant still on from this morning – didn’t wipe off before tan

Eyebrows freshly tinted this avo – so avoiding the face as they go orange if they have just been done

During Tan

I usually go naked to avoid the tan lines! Usual positions along with bum out to stop the white lines under my bum cheeks and arms up to get under my breasts, so all and all happy with the technique and application.

Finished Spray

Didn’t feel sticky at all, felt quite dry instantly and not a heavy bronzer, I only got one coat so had a quick dry and put my loose clothes on (without bra)

First inspection of the tan the bronzer isn’t super dark and it looks really even, I could definitely whip to the super market whilst developing and no one would be none the wiser.

I had a casual family dinner that night so just went along and developed whilst I was at that

Smell – None

Developing Time – This is a rapid one hour tan but I left it on for 4.5 hours before rinsing. You can actually leave this tan on up to 8 hours or overnight if you want to go darker.

Rinsing Off

10pm I jumped in the shower. Rinsing off the bronzer it definitely has a black base or “quad” as they call it as I saw all the black bronzer wash down the drain. Grabbed some body wash and went over some of the areas that naturally grab on me – round the sides of my body, my bum and backs of legs. I jumped out of the shower to check in the mirror if I got all the bronzer off but my neck was still dripping black so jumped back in and had another rinse off

Initial Colour After Shower

Its really nice, probably the most natural looking tan I have ever had, Im thinking that I could of left it on overnight for a darker tan but I waited till the morning to see how much it developed after the shower and it deepened up a heap! Its actually a perfect colour, if I had of left it on any longer it would have been too dark so Im really happy with the result.

Day 2 Colour

Colour has deepened up even more and is quite dark now, its not drying on the skin and is a nice bronzed colour.

Colour Recommendation:

  • Fair skin tone – leave on for just one hour max two
  • Fair – medium skin tone (you tan well In the sun naturally) 4-6 hours
  • Medium – dark skin tone (you’re olive or dark to start)  6 – 8 hours
  • Double coat recommended if you want a deeper colour, doesn’t have a heavy bronzer so you could get a double coat and it wouldn’t be too dark initially either .                                      

 Happy Tanning X